Wedding Coach

Updated 20 August - we have now visited the coach company and taken pictures of the coach!

This page explained our coach to our guests, so that they could decide whether they wished to ride on it or not...

Why a coach?

Where would it pick me up from?

The three coach stops should be as follows:

What time would I be picked up?

We're aiming to arrive at the zoo at 14.30, allowing a couple of hours to tour it before the ceremony, so the pick-ups would be worked backwards from here. This would mean leaving Hextable at 13.00 and picking up from the subsequent stops at 14.10 and 14.15.

These times have been given to us by the coach company, but of course they can only estimate them based on likely traffic levels, so it's hard to be exact about the London times. If you are travelling by coach, and have a mobile phone, please make sure you have filled in your mobile number on the edit your details page. This will enable us to get hold of you if our timings are out and/or we can't find you.

Please don't be late for any of the stops as our route around the zoo is pretty challenging to fit into two hours so we certainly don't want to be squeezing it into any less time!

New! How will I recognise the coach when it comes to pick me up?

The coach we've booked is a 'Kentishmen Continental' coach, which is dark green and has their logo along the side, like this:

Kentishmen Continental logo

The pictures below show the coach - click on each one to view it in full.

[Coach picture] [Coach picture] [Coach interior]

Obviously the last one won't help you recognise it when you're waiting for it in London, but at least now you know what it'll look like when you get on board!

What about getting back afterwards?

The wedding reception will not go on any later than midnight, and the coach will then return people to the points from which it picked them up earlier in the day. All three of our recommended accommodation places have 24-hour access, and Saturday night trains from King's Cross appear to run late enough that you should make a late one, but check your specific journey for yourself.

What will it cost?

Nothing - well, nothing for the guests anyway!

Sounds great! How do I get myself a seat on this amazing coach?

Please go to the update your details page and choose the appropriate options.

Sounds rubbish! Count me out!

Please go to the update your details page and choose the appropriate option - it'll be useful if those of you who aren't interested can say so so we get a good idea of numbers.

Sounds mediocre. I have no idea whether I want to take the coach.

Well, you can go to the update your details page and choose this option too, but don't forget about it - we'll be allocating the seats on a first-come, first-served basis and there is the potential for some people to be left sobbing in abject disappointment, having left it too late to sign up! At the time of writing there are just five seats left!

Who else is taking the coach?

The list below shows who's decided what, so far. You can click on the headings to sort the list by that column:

Name Taking coach? Pick-up point
Martha Agostini No N/A
Peter Alexander Yes King's Cross
Adam Bienkov Yes Hextable
Anna Bienkov Yes Hextable
Jacquie Bienkov Yes Hextable
Matthew Bloomer Yes King's Cross
Annamaria Bonavia Yes Hextable
Jezz Bryans Yes King's Cross
Rob Burress No N/A
Betty Clark Yes King's Cross
Larry Clark Yes King's Cross
Fred Crawley No N/A
Duncan Crook Yes Great Portland Street
Bill Edwards No N/A
Jo Edwards No N/A
Kaie Edwards Not yet sure N/A
Raymond Edwards No N/A
Caroline Gibson Yes King's Cross
Owen Goodyear Not yet answered N/A
Sana Goodyear Yes King's Cross
Davina Gray No N/A
Isobel Gray Yes Hextable
James Gray No N/A
Jenny Griffiths Yes King's Cross
Martin Griffiths Yes Hextable
Deborah Humbert Yes King's Cross
Ernie Huxley Yes Hextable
Joan Huxley Yes Hextable
Dave Mackay Yes Hextable
Debbie Mackay Yes Hextable
John Mackay Yes Hextable
Kaite Mackay Yes Hextable
Paolo Marioni No N/A
Izzy Merriman Yes Hextable
Katie Merriman Yes Hextable
Lynn Merriman Yes Hextable
Nick Merriman Yes Hextable
Rebecca Merriman Yes Hextable
Rob Merriman Yes Hextable
Iain Murray No N/A
Clare Nicholls No N/A
Claudine Nightingale Yes Great Portland Street
Emily Oakford Yes Hextable
Jack Packman Yes Hextable
Thelma Packman Yes Hextable
Maureen Parr Yes King's Cross
Simon Pearson No N/A
Marcus Povey Yes King's Cross
Andy Pridmore No N/A
Claire Pridmore No N/A
Fred Quinton No N/A
Hilda Quinton No N/A
Ian Rolfe Yes King's Cross
Helen Rose Yes King's Cross
Alex Speller No N/A
Bill Speller Yes Hextable
Dave Speller Yes Hextable
Edith Speller Yes Hextable
John Speller No N/A
Joyce Speller No N/A
Lauren Speller No N/A
Margaret Speller Yes Hextable
Mark Speller Yes Hextable
Pat Speller Yes Hextable
Paul Speller Yes Hextable
Eoin Spellman Yes Hextable
Harry Strik Yes King's Cross
Jamie van Tebberen Yes King's Cross
Ben Werdmuller Yes King's Cross
Hannah Werdmuller Yes King's Cross
Carol Wilson Yes King's Cross
Jon Wilson Yes King's Cross
Katie Wilson Yes King's Cross
Rosy Wilson Yes Hextable
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