Evening music

During the evening at our wedding reception, we featured music in the following sections:

This page gives more information about each of these categories. We've now updated these lists to reflect the actual music played on the night. Apologies if your favourite didn't get played - if it's any comfort we missed absolutely loads of our favourites too! The worst instance was the 'General great music - part 2' list, which we'd created about 3½ hours' worth of, and in the event actually used just 35 minutes of. Fortunately we had put the tracks in some kind of priority order, just about.

Dinner-time background music

Dining tableWhile eating, we played a selection of the finest instrumental music we own, ranging from classic soul to modern indie-rock, and including one of our guests' requests! The full instrumental playlist was as follows:

General great music - part 1

Drinks in the barFollowing the speeches, we put on a playlist of great music in the background, while the guests chatted in the bar and the main room was reorganised for the evening's activities. This playlist was as follows:

Our first dance

Our first danceThe song we chose as our first dance was Let's Get Together (In Our Minds) by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. Being in 6/8 time, we had the choice of doing a very fast version of the traditional first dance waltz, or a more manageable speed of non-waltz. Fortunately we can't dance anyway so it didn't really matter what we did! Paul's half-hearted improvised headbanging in time to the chorus raised a few laughs, so at least we were entertaining, eh?

The song's lyrics are nowhere to be found online, so we're not going to risk any embarrassing mishearings by transcribing them ourselves! Let's just say it opens as follows:

I fell in love with you - or was it your picture?
I loved you here; you loved me there.

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Let's Get Together (In Our Minds)

For a couple who started going out without ever having spoken on the telephone, let alone met, this song somehow seemed appropriate!

General great music - part 2

Very blurry photo of the dance floorThe next part of the evening was filled with great background music of a range of styles. We managed to incorporate some requests, too, which was good. We tried to keep the music fairly upbeat so that people could dance if they felt so inclined, but we weren't holding our breath on that one, although a few people did do us proud! The playlist was as follows:

That last track was played in honour of Fred, who performed his stand-up routine immediately after it. "We want Freddy for our leader! Freddy is a man of class!" :D

End-of-night dancing

A bizarre experiment with balloons during the dancingFor the last hour or so of the reception, we turned the music up a bit and put on all the most populist, danciest music we could bring ourselves to play ;) Fortunately our selection seemed to go down very well and lots of people joined in with dancing, as we trod the fine tightrope between things we like and things most other people like! Here's what we came up with:

And finally...

Our last danceFor our last dance, a song which was a mutual favourite when we first started 'going out' online.

From a Trembling Blue Stars album released shortly before we got together, the track Dark Eyes is sung from the point of view of a man who rues his lack of love life, but then does nothing to change the situation, instead sitting at home, waiting and hoping that someone will somehow turn up and get together with him, out of the blue.

Most listeners to this track would presumably conclude that it is most unlikely anything will ever come of this approach, but hey, some of us know it isn't impossible...

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