Wedding day

Updated 26 June - I love it when a plan comes together, as they say.

As our plans become more detailed and more concrete, this page will be updated to give a timetable of the day.

This page should be read in conjunction with the London Zoo page (accessible only to logged-in guests - please log in using the panel on the right if you have been invited!), which includes a map of the zoo showing where to be when, and the route we intend to take around the zoo before the ceremony.

The most important thing first: if you're not coming on the coach, you can arrive at the zoo any time between 14.30 and 16.30 - the wedding ceremony itself will start at 17.00. Guests should aim to be at the wedding room from 16.30 to ensure a prompt start - the Registrar won't want to work too late at the weekend :)

We'll be touring the zoo from 14.30, with our photographer in tow from around 15.30 to capture those all important Bride, Groom, guest and okapi moments in full. Please therefore bear in mind that if you want to be in photos with us and animals, you'll need to join us from 15.30 onwards even if you're not touring the zoo before this. (See map [accessible only to logged-in guests - please log in using the panel on the right if you have been invited!] for where to join us at 15.30!)

Following the ceremony, there will be some group photos, hopefully including one or two with everyone squeezed into one big photo. This shouldn't take more than half an hour and certainly won't involve endless precision positioning of people who'd rather be enjoying themselves :)

After this, we'll head to the reception room, where the ceremonial cake-cutting will be followed by the caterers barbecuing a range of tasty foods from which everyone can choose. More information about the food and drink throughout the day can be found on the new food and drink page.

After we've eaten barbecued food and unbarbecued cake, the customary speeches will hopefully be followed by an eclectic selection of music played via some computer or other, while we may be persuaded into a first married dance - possibly a first dance without any 'married' qualification, in fact...

Without wanting to promise anything, there's a possibility that the evening's entertainment may include a stand-up comedy act from a rising comedy talent who's contemplating turning professional - and who just happens to be one of our guests, as luck would have it. If we do end up going down the cabaret route, who knows what other talented guests may be able to do?

Our room hire expires at midnight, so the festivities will end by then!

The information here should help with making any arrangements that need to be made in plenty of time, particularly travel for those coming a long way, and accommodation. Do check back here from time to time and you'll see how things shape up as our planning progresses!

And don't worry, we'll be in touch with all our guests with any need-to-know arrangements before the big day arrives, so even if your memory's as bad as ours, er, what was I saying? I've forgotten...

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