Guest list

Below is a list of everyone who was invited to the wedding, showing who said they were coming and who couldn't make it. You can click on a name to see more information about that person. You can also click on a column heading to display the list in order of that column's information.

special role
Martha Agostini Unable to attend
Peter Alexander Attended
Adam Bienkov Attended
Anna Bienkov Attended
Jacquie Bienkov Attended
Matthew Bloomer Attended
Annamaria Bonavia Attended
Jezz Bryans Attended
Rob Burress
Betty Clark Attended
Larry Clark Attended
Fred Crawley Attended
Duncan Crook Attended
Bill Edwards Unable to attend
Jo Edwards Unable to attend
Kaie Edwards
Unable to attend
Raymond Edwards Unable to attend
Caroline Gibson Attended
Owen Goodyear Attended
Sana Goodyear Attended
Davina Gray
Isobel Gray Attended
James Gray Attended
Jenny Griffiths Attended
Martin Griffiths
Best Man
Deborah Humbert Attended
Ernie Huxley Attended
Joan Huxley Attended
Dave Mackay Attended
Debbie Mackay Attended
John Mackay Attended
Kaite Mackay Attended
Paolo Marioni Attended
Izzy Merriman Attended
Katie Merriman Attended
Lynn Merriman Attended
Nick Merriman Attended
Rebecca Merriman Attended
Rob Merriman Attended
Iain Murray Unable to attend
Clare Nicholls Attended
Claudine Nightingale Attended
Emily Oakford Attended
Jack Packman Attended
Thelma Packman Attended
Maureen Parr Attended
Simon Pearson Attended
Marcus Povey Attended
Andy Pridmore Unable to attend
Claire Pridmore Unable to attend
Fred Quinton Unable to attend
Hilda Quinton Unable to attend
Ian Rolfe Attended
Helen Rose Attended
Alex Speller Attended
Bill Speller Attended
Dave Speller Attended
Edith Speller
John Speller Attended
Joyce Speller Attended
Lauren Speller Unable to attend
Margaret Speller Attended
Mark Speller
Best Man
Pat Speller Attended
Paul Speller
Eoin Spellman Attended
Harry Strik Attended
Jamie van Tebberen
Ben Werdmuller Attended
Hannah Werdmuller Attended
Carol Wilson Attended
Jon Wilson Attended
Katie Wilson Attended
Rosy Wilson
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