Wedding Party

Not to be confused with the Wedding Reception (which in turn shouldn't be confused with the security desk you'll be greeted with upon arrival...). This page introduces you to us, and to our nearest relatives and dearest friends. Not to be confused with our most expensive friends.

The Bride and Groom


P: I should imagine most people reading this are already familiar with Edith! She is a fan of cats, music, the colour blue and, bafflingly, me. Currently works as a graduate trainee at the prestigious London Library, but will be studying to become a proper Librarian after the wedding. This page was her suggestion, so if you enjoy it more than the rest of the site then you have her to thank!


E: Well, you all know Paul. Punster extraordinaire (for a sample, see the introductory paragraph of this page); obsessive giraffe fan (see photo opposite) and self-proclaimed geek (see this whole website). Likes include crosswords, gadgets and okapis. Dislikes include Outside, more specifically mowing the lawn and buzzing insects. Paul is 26 and works as a Financial Systems Officer for the local council. I could gush with praise, but I'll save that for the wedding, eh?



E: Pictured here as a wise man is Rosy, my youngest bridesmaid. She will be 20 at the time of the wedding, and very soon after it she is zooming off to France to start her third year of her French degree. Rosy hails from Barnet, in north-west London. Her interests include impersonating deformed trees, helping Paul with crosswords, playing bass guitar and the colour green. She was a massive help when I went wedding dress shopping, which was quite a traumatic experience considering I don't like clothes shopping :)


E: Davina is rarely photographed in the wild, hence the camouflaged picture opposite. She is my big (but the same size as me) sister, and my oldest bridesmaid (if you want to know her age, ask her yourself!). She lives in the middle of nowhere in the region of Monymusk, Aberdeenshire, with three cats and her husband Paolo. She works as a project manager in Aberdeen, but the less said about that the better! Her interests include going to gigs featuring artists most of us have never heard of, tai chi and playing bass guitar (spotting a theme yet?).


E: Kaie was basically my sister when I was a teenager (my real siblings having grown up and left home before I was old enough to remember much of anything). She is 24, lives in Paisley with her boyfriend Craig and three (at the last count) cats, and somehow fits work in a care home around attending college. Her interests include sci-fi, teaching her kitties to tolerate being cradled like babies, and, um, not playing the bass guitar. On the day, I am relying on Kaie to make me forget why I'm nervous by making me laugh - not much to ask, don't you agree? ;)


E: Jamie is someone else who is rarely photographed, hence the paparazzi-style picture - sorry, Jamie! She is 23 and lives in a lovely flat in Aberdeen, which in an odd coincidence is extremely near where my sister used to live in Aberdeen. She is just finishing a degree in difficult science things (neuroscience, I think) and will hopefully get a well-deserved rest afterwards! I owe Jamie a lot, as she was my best friend for much of my time at secondary school, which meant putting up with a lot from me, especially my tedious witterings in the early stages of my relationship with Paul. Her interests include computer games, scary loud music (it's always the quiet ones :p) and, not, as far as I know, playing the bass guitar.

Best Men


P: Mark is the only sibling I have, so it's fortunate that he's a good one. He's a qualified medical doctor, which takes some getting used to, currently working at a hospital in Basingstoke. Oh and I should probably mention that he sometimes works as a juggler/ unicyclist/ clown, otherwise you'll wonder at what point the NHS decided to get its doctors to dress as shown in the photo. His interests include mobile phones - lots of mobile phones - and creating intricate PowerPoint presentations, as well as a host of more normal pursuits like going outside and taking beach holidays.


P: Martin was my first internet friend - I think our acquantaince goes back about as far as February 1998. He was always there as a friendly force of stability through the virtual soap opera of my online life for the hectic two years leading to my timely encounter with Edith! He's been living and studying/working in the USA for the past couple of years, and lands back in the UK for good on the morning of 2 September 2005, so we'd better have some Pro Plus ready for him at the wedding. Update: he's now coming back to the UK sooner than this so high doses of caffeine may not be needed after all - hurrah!

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