zoolyweds - Paul and Edith's wedding

On 3 September 2005, Paul Speller and Edith Gray were married, in London Zoo.

Paul and Edith, from belowLatest news: we've finally finished laying out the official photo album!

In the six months leading up to their big day, this site was used both to provide general information about the wedding to anyone interested, and crucially as a useful tool for interaction between the happy couple and their guests, who could accept and reject invitations, choose gifts from a wedding list, and find out lots of information about the wedding arrangements in advance of the ceremony.

Now it's all over, the virtual gates are being thrown open to anyone and everyone who's interested in what went on at the wedding!

Most of the previously 'locked' pages are now accessible without a guest login. That said, guests can still log in if they wish to update their personal details so that we can easily keep in touch with them with the latest news (e.g. about the availability of photos and videos on- and offline.)

As well as all the old content, there are now lots more pages, since all our secret plans for the day are no longer secret! For instance, we gave every guest a unique, personalised place mat, and these can now all be downloaded, as can the sheet of puzzles (and their answers, for those who didn't manage to solve them all!), not to mention the full text (and music) from the ceremony itself!

To keep things nice and clear, you'll find the navigation menu on the left is now in two sections - the pages from before the ceremony at the bottom, and pages from after it at the top!

One last thing to mention: we'd love all our guests to share their best (and worst!) photos from our big day via the special Flickr zoolyweds group!

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Unfortunate down-time

Earlier today, Edith was quite innocently using our network to connect from her PC to ...

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Paul and Edith have now been married for 6190 days, 22 hours and 38 minutes!

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