Full speech text - Edith Speller, Bride

Hello everyone, thanks for coming, and thanks to my new father-in-law for that introduction!

I just wanted to say a few personal thank yous before we get on with the speeches proper. I'd like to thank my mum, for her support today and during the run-up to the wedding. In addition, she was impressively unruffled by my engagement to some English bloke off the internet while I was still at school, so thanks for that tolerance as well! Pat, my new mother-in-law, has been a great help in the run-up to the day, giving advice about all sorts of things, so thank you too.

Thank you also to my three bridesmaids that are here today, Davina, Rosy and Jamie - I hope you agree they look lovely in their matching outfits, as we spent the best part of a day in Aberdeen shopping for them! They've done an admirable job of looking after me today, as well as helping out behind the scenes.

Thanks most of all to my husband, Paul. I feel really lucky to have met him when I was just sixteen years old, and marrying him today, five years on, seems even more fortunate! He's kind, clever, funny, and has put an incredible amount of work into today - including the zoolyweds web site, of course! Thank you, Paul, and I look forward to spending many happy years with you!

Now, traditionally, this would be when my dad would step in and say a few words. Sadly, my dad passed away some years ago. I wish he could have been here to see all this today - although I'm not quite sure what he would have made of his wee bairn getting married at the zoo, he would have loved to see so many people gathered here today.

My fourth bridesmaid, Kaie, was going to make a speech at this point. Unfortunately, as you all know, she was taken ill today and couldn't make it to the wedding. I've heard from her this evening and she's got her grandparents down from Oxford looking after her now, and it's nothing too serious. I'm afraid that instead of embarrassing anecdotes from her you'll have to settle for the little facts about me that are dotted about on the place mats!

I'm going to hand back to Dave now, but before I do I'd like to propose a toast. Could you please stand and raise your glasses. Ironically this was going to be Kaie's toast - to absent friends!

zoolyweds - Paul and Edith's wedding